Deborah Walker-Bey, BS, Learning & Development Specialist

Deborah Walker-Bey, BS, is a Learning & Development Specialist and Advanced Level Wellness WRAP Facilitator with The Institute for Recovery and Community Integration. She has been working as a CPS for over 7 years, with The Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Deborah has been in the mental health field for over 14 years. She has been empowering people through the use of various recovery and wellness tools including WRAP. She has an innovative style of utilizing community resources. She brings out the best in everyone with her excitement and passion for life and wellness. Deborah is a dedicated professional with a zest for life. She exemplifies the recovery values; always giving the message of hope. Deborah has worked with various populations including women with children with substance abuse challenges, homelessness, and people impacted by the co-occurring issues of mental health and substance abuse.