The Institute for Recovery & Community Integration

The Institute for Recovery and Community Integration was established in 2004 as the training division of the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Institute is authorized by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to provide Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Peer Specialist Supervisor training throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

The work of the Institute is rooted in recovery values reflecting our commitment to the belief that people can and do recover from mental health and substance abuse conditions; that all people have the right to participate fully in communities of their choosing; that peers supporting peers is integral in the recovery process; that service delivery systems must continue to transform from systems of care to systems of hope.


Recovery is a self-determined and holistic journey that people undertake to heal and grow. Recovery services recognize that people are central to decisions and actions that impact their wellbeing.

Peer Support

Peer Support is the building and nurturing of relationships between individuals who share experiences of living with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions. Because of shared experiences, Peers are able to establish mutual respect, trust, hope and insight into navigating systems and services.

Certified Peer Specialist

A Certified Peer Specialist is an individual who identifies as having a mental health and/or substance abuse condition who has learned how to apply their life experience in service to others. The Certified Peer Specialist promotes self-determination, personal responsibility and self-empowerment while assisting peers as they gain more and more control over their lives and their recovery.

To learn more about the MHASP Institute for Recovery and Community Integration or to register for training, visit our website at You can also reach us via email at